brie meets addie

May 21, 2008

only a few minutes old and already we’re in love! just look at these two beautiful girls!  we spent a few hours in the recovery room.  rhonda was out in the waiting room so i stepped out briefly to tell her the good news and sent a quick hello to nana as well.  a bit later they let rhonda (amie) and steph into recovery to say hi, then they wheeled us up to our room. 

i’ll point out here that addie is already eating like she’s been at it for years.  not an easy task for any new mom, but brie and addie have knocked it out thus far.  i suppose we should have known our daughter would find eating to be a breeze, though.  give it 6 weeks and she’ll probably be ordering pizzas while we’re not watching… 


One Response to “brie meets addie”

  1. Karla said

    Oh Brie, this picture just warms my heart! I tear up every time I look at it! You are going to be an incredible mother.


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