some november pics

November 14, 2009





summer pics!

August 30, 2009






christmas with addie!

December 22, 2008


it’s addie’s first christmas!  here she is standing up like a hot shot.  we’re all excited that the holidays are here.  we’re enjoying some time off here in texas with GG and g’ma and uncle vance, but we sure do miss the rest of the o’haras!  addie is doing great, she’s really enjoying crawling, working on standing up, and refusing to go to bed on time at night…

we hope everyone is having as terrific a holiday season as we are!

merry christmas!

December 22, 2008








6 weeks old!

July 1, 2008

addie celebrated being 6 weeks old by throwing up on me. of course it was only revenge for singing to her right after a meal, so it’s difficult to hold it against her. this pic is from about an hour later. brie says she’s smiling because she’s remembering the incident fondly…


June 8, 2008

addie stares me down to show how serious she is about wanting some dinner.

addie and her daddy

June 1, 2008

almost two weeks old!  we’ve been flying solo for the past couple of days after amie left.  nana arrives today for a visit.  addie is doing great, although she’s found that she really likes being wide, wide, wide awake right when brie and i want to go to bed…  no worries, though.  an hour or so of walking in circles around the house is all she wants.

addie’s home!

May 26, 2008

we brought addie home on friday and, needless to say, it’s been a pretty busy weekend for team o’hara. but everyone is doing great! actually, addie is doing great. mommy and daddy are a mess. but fortunately aunt kiki and amie (redubbed crazy grandma) have been doing more than their share of the work and saving our lives. tiff is in charge of figuring out how to work everything, applying her scientific mind to everything from the “light vibes mobile” to breast pumps. grandma is pitching in with all things addie. we’d be lost without them!

hey addie!

May 22, 2008

today has been a great day! brie and i got some sleep last night because addie was eating so well. brie was up and about quite a bit today and she’s doing very well. addie has been fantastic! she loves looking around at everything (not seen in this picture…), and i’ve finally found someone that doesn’t shout at me when i’m singing.